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In order to ensure the continuity of the customer business, the highest possible operational continuity of systems/applications/equipment is important. To ensure this, it is necessary to monitor (supervise) the availability of both equipment and services, with the ability to notify (send a message, call) about the unavailability of the relevant equipment or system to the responsible employee, who will be able to respond accordingly to such an event. 

What can we monitor?

  • Various services (web, applications, databases); 

  • Servers – both virtual and physical; 

  • Network equipment (routers, firewalls, switches, cameras, phones, sensors, etc.).* 

* In order to ensure the monitoring of network devices, they must support the placement/installation of services necessary for monitoring, or these services must already be installed on the device during the production process. 

How do we notify about an “event”? 

The reaction upon the detection of an error or damage can be different – sending a warning message (SMS, e-mail or notification on the most popular online communication platforms), automatically generated call, API connection with other systems and/or automatic disconnection of systems and activation of backup systems, etc. 


Metrics are numerical measurements. What users want to measure varies in different applications. For a web server it could be the request processing time, for a database it could be the number of active connections or the number of active queries, etc. 

Metrics play an important role in understanding why your application behaves in a certain way. Let's say you are using a web application and you find that the application is running slowly. You will need information to know what is happening with your request. For example, an application may become slow if the number of requests is high. If you have a metric of the number of requests, you can determine the cause (bug in the software) or increase the resources of the server(s) to handle the load. 

Possibilities of data visualisation 

  • Display of current data (Live Monitoring); 

  • Comparison of current and historical data; 

  • Reports and statistics. 

Key figures

  • Load
  • Accessibility
  • Number of users
  • System load
  • Disk Space
  • Changes in the amount of information


We offer monitoring of your systems/equipment: 

  • Co-develop metrics that are important to you

  • Develop and provide notification channels to inform responsible persons in cases of unavailability of relevant services

  • Response to errors or damage (following the pre-established procedure)

  • Analyse and propose solutions for improving the availability of systems/equipment

  • Prevention of security risks