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Automated outgoing calls, which save the company time and resources, since the calls are scheduled by a robot instead of employees. Ideal for companies that make a large number of outgoing calls every day. 

Voice Bot

Voice bot technology is the latest generation robocall solution that provides an efficient customer calling system. The intelligent voice bot solution automatically makes outgoing calls and adapts the content of the conversation to the specific situation using language processing and synthesis technology. Because of the solution, it is possible to reach up to several tens of thousands of customers within one day, so it is suitable for companies that want to automate their customer service processes. 

Call campaigns

  • Creating and managing call campaigns, customising information for each call recipient;  

  • Natural voice synthesis is used for playback of information, no audio files or their recordings are required. 

Contact list

  • Possibility to integrate the solution with company systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) for exchanging information with the Voice Bot solution

  • Management of numbers to be called (use contact books, distribute numbers among several contact books, create and edit contact books)

  • Importing of data base lists (create contact books on the basis of the existing data base)

Statistics and results

  • Information on the results of calls (answered calls, missed calls, call duration, etc.)

  • Information for call campaigns (campaign status, execution time, etc.)


AutoDialer (robot call) is designed to make automated outgoing calls instead of company employees. Calls are made by playing a pre-recorded audio file to the recipient of the call.  

AutoDialer can be used for attracting new customers, calling debtors, reminders about scheduled visits to the doctor, loyalty calls, etc. Employees who previously made these calls can now focus on other work. 

Call campaigns

  • Creation and management of campaigns (setting the start and end date, maximum call duration, call repetition interval in the case of a missed call, etc.); 

  • Possibility to add the necessary audio recording to the campaign; 

  • Use a template to create a campaign where you can choose how to run a campaign: playing a message, playing a message with an option to impose a digital combination (telephone number), playing a message, and leaving a rating, playing a message and call forwarding, playing a message and recording a voice message from the client. 

Contact lists

  • Possibility to import the contact list manually in csv format or automatically from your CRM/ERP system 


  • Information about campaigns (campaign status, execution time, etc.) 

  • Information on the results of the campaign (answered calls, missed calls, call duration, etc. data) 

Power Dialer

Power Dialer (bot) is a web-based automated system that calls numbers from a previously prepared list and obtains reports of dialling campaigns. The system has 2 interfaces - administration interface and agent interface. The Power Dialer (bot) system works together with the Enreach Latvia call centre system using agents created in the call centre system. 

  • The system allows previously divided groups of agents to be assigned tasks (campaigns), with a list of customers to be called; 

  • Documents information about the result of the call. 


  • Creating and managing campaigns

  • Detailed information and statistics about active, suspended, executed and planned campaigns

  • Control of execution time of campaigns (start and end date)

  • Possibility to manage campaigns manually

  • Management of agent groups (create new groups, add agents, remove agents). 

Contact lists

  • Management of lists of to be called (use of contact books, possibility to divide numbers into several contact books, create new and correct existing contact books)

  • Importing of data base lists (create contact books on the basis of the existing data base)


  • Individual statistics about activities of agents (statistics of each agent in a certain period of time, total statistics, statistics about call duration, pauses, etc.)

  • Total statistics about agents’ activities (statistics about each date in the selected period)

  • Statistics of activities not processed by agents (determine where an agent had a break in the calling periods, or automated pause mode)

  • Detailed statistics about the selected campaign (date of calling, call time, reachability of addressee, etc.)

  • Summary of campaign results (information regarding information documented after the call)

  • Management of agents’ tasks (create, edit, statistics, information about task status, etc.)

Agent interface

  • Customised agent interface (assigned tasks, calls, individual statistics, etc.)

  • Pauses (status change option, no calls and tasks are made during a pause, which are listed in statistics)

  • Homepage (agent interface, information about calls to be made, time, interface where the data about the calls made etc. are recorded)

  • Calls (a section for call statistics of a certain agent showing successfully cancelled calls and calls that have not reached the customers)

  • Tasks (tasks assigned to a certain agent, execution, planned time, etc.)

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