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Using an IT outsourcing service is the most convenient and profitable solution for small and medium-sized companies, because all the care for solving technical issues is entrusted to professionals. IT outsourcing can be used both as comprehensive IT support for your company, and also as an addition to your already existing IT team for specific tasks. 

We understand that the “way” people work has changed 

The remote and hybrid work model is here to stay and the need for IT infrastructure, modern solutions and devices has never been greater. We are here to help.  

IT support from Enreach provides your business with secure IT (data and infrastructure), accurate and predictable costs, and a clear agreement on work to be done and deadlines.  

Flexible IT services

Recruitment is difficult and potentially expensive, as IT specialists are currently in high demand on the labour market. When choosing Enreach IT services, work is performed by qualified specialists with a variety of knowledge, so instead of one employee, you get a professional team in which employees complement and support each other so that the work is performed quickly and with high quality. 

Service features

IT infrastructure audit

During the audit process, the current situation is identified and future recommendations are developed. The computer network, computers, servers, technical condition of equipment, security, software, access control and other IT systems are examined in detail.  

IT infrastructure service

Maintenance of network equipment, as well as maintaining the operation of other equipment.  

Construction and servicing of computer network

Construction of the company's internal and external (LAN/WAN) computer networks and installation of equipment.  

Licences and software

We offer all kinds of software necessary for business. (Microsoft, Linux, Navision, CAD, antivirus, accounting software, etc.)

Repair of computers and equipment, supply of new equipment

During the repair of equipment we provide spare equipment so that users can work without interruption.  

Installation and maintenance of servers

Selection, delivery and installation of servers. Deployment of the company's equipment in the data centre.  

Rent of virtual servers

Renting virtual servers in Latvia or Amazon, Google Cloud platform, etc.  

Web hosting and e-mail solutions

We will deploy the company's website and also ensure the operation of the company's e-mails.  

IT consultation

Enreach consists of a team of IT professionals with specialists in all IT matters. We also advise companies on IT strategy so that the company can meet its business goals. 

User support

We offer two types of user support:  

  1. Remote support - an application is received by phone or e-mail. Employees of the technical support service advise the user over the phone or, if necessary, connect to the user's computer remotely to solve the problem. 
  2. On-site support - Specialists of the Technical Support Service perform work in the premises of the company.  


  • Lower costs - reduce personnel and department costs while increasing performance, predictability and expertise.
  • Knowledge - access to highly skilled professionals with the latest knowledge of best practices, implementation of software and solutions.
  • One supplier - one point of contact for your business on a variety of issues.
  • Risk mitigation - implementation of security and newest technologies, change and recovery can be extremely fast thanks to the expertise, knowledge and experience in IT outsourcing

Model of cooperation

IT manager

An experienced and competent IT manager who will be able to assess the state of your IT infrastructure and offer short-term and long-term solutions for your business.

System administrators

Certified, experienced and responsible system administrators who will be able to maintain your existing servers and systems in the short term, paying particular attention to your data security.

Support service

Knowledgeable IT support professionals who will support users both remotely and on-site in an operational and high-quality manner.