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It’s time for your teams to meet, chat, call and collaborate without the need to switching apps, software or even devices. Even when people outside your organisation need to join the conversation, Microsoft Teams takes the stress out of communications and makes this possible. Documents, meeting notes, chat history, photos and videos are easily accessible with to the integrations on offer. Stay in one place and work together efficiently.

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"Millions of daily users benefit from Microsoft Teams features!"


Recently many businesses have started working from home or adopting a hybrid work policy and have found themselves contending with a host of different collaboration tools. With that transformation came new challenges: how to structure communication, how to best work together, and how to process vast amounts of chat and email messages.

Start working efficiently with Microsoft Teams and stop switching from one app to another. As an integrated part of the Office 365 toolkit, Teams is one of the most intelligent collaboration hubs available. It offers seamless collaboration with all Microsoft apps and most third-party applications.

Going back to the office while half your team is working remotely, does require a new form of flexibility and cooperation from your employees. With Microsoft Teams you are perfectly set up and future-proof for the digital transformation of your workplace.


Connecting your employees
Connecting your employees

Help your team share their thoughts, feedback and updates. Colleagues can send short one-to-one messages, accompanied by creative gifs, stickers, and emojis, or participate in a group chat. Organise a video calls or a video conferences with 2 to 10,000 members.

Working efficiently, wherever your teams are based
Working efficiently, wherever your teams are based

Sharing files has never been so easy with your favourite apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Microsoft Teams enables your organisation to share files and work together in one workplace.

Integrate your apps in one hub
Integrate your apps in one hub

Over 700 apps are available in the app store to connect to your Microsoft Teams workplace. Do you need third-party apps? No problem, we can connect low-code solutions and more professional developer apps. Bring everything your employees need together under one roof.


Since Microsoft Teams has millions of daily active users, it never stops optimising, releasing new features and expanding its functionality. In the modern-day and age remote collaboration, Teams will help your organisation grow.

Add the power of Enreach

As one of the leading European unified communications providers, Enreach is a Microsoft gold partner and official tier 1 cloud service provider. This means that you can integrate our powerful telephony and mobile services with Microsoft Teams in an easy, stress-free way. Combine the productivity of Microsoft Teams with our most advanced PBX features in the cloud. No hardware, no problems and no concessions.  

  • Seamless fixed and mobile integration
  • Most advanced PBX functionalities
  • No investments in hardware and related maintenance costs

Make Microsoft Teams work wonders for you

Is CRM at the heart of your company and are you looking for ways to further improve your customer engagement? Enreach can provide a full Microsoft Teams integration with the global leaders in CRM: Dynamics 365 and SalesForce. Imagine having Microsoft Teams, your communications and your CRM performing as one unified system. It would take your productivity and customer engagement to the next level. Looking for an extra competitive advantage? We can help you with our integrated A.I. chatbot that works flawlessly in Teams and gives you the opportunity to service your customers 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Microsoft Teams helps you work better, but Enreach can help you work wonders.   

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Our Microsoft Teams licenses and our fully integrated telephony and mobile services are sold in our seven major European sales countries: Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Sweden France and UK.

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