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Request Processing System


OTRS is a modern, flexible and secure task and process management system (Request Processing System). 

OTRS™ is software based on an open-source software solution. The solution is intended for companies with their own support/helpdesk team, which uses various communication channels on a daily basis. The solution allows you to combine all channels in one convenient environment. In comparison to closed-source software, open-source solutions possess a higher level of security. 

We offer a version adapted to the needs of the Latvian market, which can be combined with the call solutions offered by Enreach Latvia- IP telephone switchboard and call centre solution. 

  • Receiving requests through customer service applications, phone, fax or in e-mail 

  • Can be used on a smartphone or tablet; 

  • Custom design theme; 

  • Various request formats; 

  • Information panel with filter options. 

Improve customer service!

Using the OTRS solution, the processing of incoming and outgoing calls, the use of e-mail and other communication channels are combined in one solution. The quality of customer service increases, as it is possible to track the status of the request and process several requests at the same time, thus using the working time more efficiently. The reports and statistical data provided by the solution facilitate the employee evaluation process carried out by managers. 


  • Knowledge management and control (FAQ/Knowledge Database, OTRS™ user website, surveys) 

  • Reports (varied statistical data, CSV/PDF export, etc.) 

  • Request processing (Request priorities and tasks, service catalogue, request distribution and combining, text templates, signatures, configurable announcements, notes, etc.); 

  • Time control (calendar functions, setting work periods, time keeping, SLA, etc.); 

  • Automatization (automatic announcements, Master/Slave, OTRS process management, process templates, etc.); 

  • Integration (Generic Interface by using SOAP + REST, system monitoring, BMC, XSLT mapping); 

  • Security (user management, two-factor authentication, data transmission by using SSL, coding, decoding encrypted messages, etc.).